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Sophie Jouvenaar

Danny Knight


Matt Rogers

Sophie Jouvenaar

CLAY is a centre for boundary testing live artworks that provoke, experiment, and promote social change.

We strive to create a community driven space where audiences, participants and artists are able to express themselves and see themselves reflected in the work we do. We aim to improve access to interdisciplinary, contemporary live artworks and experiences, and believe Live Art practise has the potential to instigate social change.


We enable the public to experience artistic events of a type that they would be unlikely to encounter elsewhere, through the presentation of works by artists whose practice is hard to define and by supporting risk and experimentation. We are a touring venue and a space to make art and performance and as well as home for our Studio Community.

If you want to support our bold vision go to our Membership page. 


We are a not for profit company located in Leeds City Centre. Looking for a contemporary warehouse-style space for an event? You can also hire our space.


Artistic Director: Jessica Sweet (she/her)
Company Co-Ordinator: Marie Koehl (she/they)
Venue Co-Ordinator: Alice Scott (

Freelance Technical Manager: Charlotte Woods (she/her)


Local Friends, Partners & Networks:

East Street Arts

Northern School Of Contemporary Dance

Live Art UK

Queer Arts North


Leeds Queer Film Festival
Leeds Playhouse

Compass Festival




Studio Members

Matt Sykes Hooban & Tom Woodland

The Grief Series

Liza Violet

Ash Lawless

Phoenix Andrews

Joseph Mercier

The Grief Series

Liza Violet

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Sophie Okonkwo

Sophie Jouvenaar


CLAY formed after the closure of Live Art Bistro (LAB) which ran 2012 - 2019. LAB was founded by Indivisible (Becki Griffiths & Adam Young) and Testing The Razor. In 2014 Matt Allen joined, followed by Jessica Sweet in 2015. LAB ran as a three-person curatorial team until 2019 when Live Art Bistro closed and CLAY was set up. In 2020 Matt left and Jessica took the reins leading the company until the decision was made in late 2021 that CLAY should be recognised and registered as a charity, when control passed to the trustees.

See the Live Art Bistro Archive >HERE<

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