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We ask all artists, staff and audiences to read and respect our code of conduct at all times.  

If any artists, staff, or audiences feel unwelcome or attacked according to any of the guidelines below, we reserve the right to ask anyone to respectfully leave our venue.

Inclusive Spaces 
Everyone is welcome in our space. The only thing we do not tolerate is intolerance of any kind. Listening is key, if you are challenged, address your own behaviour before defending it.

No Touching
Unless you are specifically invited, please do not invade other people’s personal space.


Feel at Home

We want you to make yourself comfortable and feel relaxed in our spaces, but ask that you respect our spaces and everything within them as if they were your own. We are a working arts space, people work here daily, please treat the space with respect. 
Do not interfere with the artists and performers at work unless invited to.



Please ask, and respect the pronouns given.



Everything but yes means No, and sometimes that changes - keep checking in. 

Gender Neutral Toilets

Our toilets are gender neutral. Respect one another in this space. Leave toilet spaces clean and tidy.


Have Respect

Be considerate of others, have an awareness that someone might need some help or support.
Respect each individual at our events.

Have a Good Time

Enjoy yourself, keep safe and feel at ease. 

Our Code of Conduct was inspired by The Marlborough Pub and Theatre. They are amazing. 

Image: Mykki Blanco, Juice Box L19. (Photo by Ben Bentley)

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