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CLAYground is a monthly chance to simply see and seriously play. Go to our whats on page to book a table 


We’re throwing the doors wide open on the first Friday of every month! Come to cavort with us. Bring your curious pals and your great chat and observe new artistic ideas and experiments come to life.

Lads Lads Lads- 5.11.21

Your lad Johnny's out for the night, it’s gonna be a good night…roamin about prowlin. Your local amateur spoken word hero is with you for one night only with a small bag of mints and a Greggs bap in hand, and he’s brought his mate Paul, Porno for short.

They aren’t gonna fight, it’s all gonna be good, a good laugh is what it’s gonna be, as long as everyone keeps they're heads and the drinks keep flowin it’s all gonna be fine…just fine.


Johnny the Biblical Rapper is Tessa Parr and Porno Paul is Amelia Stubberfield.


Lads Lads Lads is about tenderness, about violence, about the words we say replacing the things we mean.

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An audacious night of performance, party and nostalgia for the turn of the Millennium.


You can expect:

  • fit cabaret turns from some totally wicked acts

  • Dancing to all your faves from strictly 1998-2002

  • The opportunity  to recreate the only two line ups of the sugarbabes that anyone cares about on the mic with some classic CLAY Karaoke

So get your whale tails out and rewatch the first series of big brother, we're gonna Samatha Mumba all night.


Line up to be announced

No Elephants in the room, no skeletons in the closet An extraordinary installation that collects memories and photographs from around the world, commemorating and celebrating lost loved ones

This particular Ofrenda is being created in collaboration between artists from Zion Studio in Mexico City and Ellie Harrison from The Grief Series in Leeds, as a gift to the city at an extraordinary moment in time. In spite of the challenges of the last couple of years, and the fact that Zion Studio’s was transformed into a vaccination centre during the heat of the pandemic, artists from Zion Studio and The Grief Series have maintained a deep trans-Atlantic digital dialogue.

The results of this international collaboration will culminate in an ever-evolving, soul-bearing installation encompassing the breadth of windows of CLAY: Centre for Live Art Yorkshire. Passers-by will be able to stop by and connect with stories and memories from across the city and the globe.

A reflective and commemorative gift to the city – The Ofrenda encourages passers-by out of the hustle of the everyday and offers a moment for remembrance and contemplation.

Book Now for The Ofrenda Gathering, a special event at CLAY on Thursday 18 November 2021 from 7.30pm-9pm. Presented as part of Transform 21-22 – an extended festival for our times – transformfestival.org 

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In 2011 Victoria created The Butter Piece from an interest in female sexuality, the ‘invisible’ sexual responses of women and shame. In celebrating these reactions, the piece also considered how the female body is displayed, endurance and how we ‘manage’ our comfort with ourselves by engaging or disengaging with the materiality of our bodies. 

The Butter Piece was presented both as a live performed action and a durational work.


Now in 2021, Victoria will reinhabit the piece to see what a difference a decade has made both to her body, the context in which it is viewed and to investigate how you deal with your own archive. 


Alongside the performance, audience members will have access to 'Pushing Butter, Victoria's open journal documenting the re-making of the work and contributions from other body inspired artists.



Facebook: @msvictoriafirth

Instagram/Twitter: @msvhf

Firm faves Sh!t Theatre are back.... on the 10th of December!!

You’ve spent the last year applauding the NHS. Now it’s Michael Caine’s turn…!





Sh!t Theatre's Sing-a-long-a-Muppet Christmas Carol’ is back!

The cult Christmas show returns for a 2021 mini-tour because we just all really need it right now.

Amazing guest performers!

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We are working to keep everyone as safe as possible as we transition back to live events. In order to do this we have some continued rules around infection control and we ask that you familiarise yourself with them before coming to an event.

Like many other small and independent spaces we have found ourselves in a very difficult situation as the continuation of our work relies on audience attendance. If you’re in a position to support our not for profit objectives, you can become a CLAY MAKER or alternatively choose your donation on our membership section. 

We’re delighted to say that we’ve been awarded a Cultural Recovery Grant in the 2nd round funded by DCMS delivered by Arts Council England. We’re grateful to be able to stay open for our studio holders and transition back into live practice & excited to still be #hereforculture

We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!