SOFTwhilstBLACK: participants call out for collaboration

Have you and your family or close friends been locked down together? Have you ever thought about what softness and intimacy looks like in your home?

You do not have to be an artist to apply for this, you can apply if you are…


  • A household with black heritage living in Yorkshire

  • Living under one roof with as a family of around 4 people (can be biological or close friends) 

  • Happy to be involved in creation of documentation to be shared publicly


Full info here. Deadline to apply 20th September



CHASM: A co-commission with East St Arts

Live artworks and performances searching for intimacy in a time of social isolation. 


Sometimes in the current climate, it can feel like there is a Chasm between us. This programme is an experiment in bridging that gap. 

As we adjust to a new way of existing, using new technologies as a method of connecting we wonder what is possible? How can we combat the impersonal nature of a computer screen? When touch isn't an option how do we feel warmth?

Over the next two months we will develop a programme of live artworks, interactions and happenings responding to the provocation on intimacy in the context of a global pandemic. The artists have been invited to play with form and structure when trying to connect with audiences in their own homes. Creating exciting new ways of exploring care, safety and comfort.

We will announce the programme Late August and the piece's will take place in Autumn. Check back in with us soon. 


Black lives unequivocally matter, there is no discussion.


This is an offer to any anti racist organisers or grassroots support systems for Black people; use of our encrypted video conferencing software. Just send us a message and we can schedule meetings as you require.

We also have technical kit available that could be useful to anyone trying to generate anti racist content, for example, lighting or recording equipment. Although we're still learning and listening, we want to be a proactive force for positive change. Please get in touch if there is anything we can support you with at hello@liveartleeds.com




COVID 19 Statement

We will remain closed until it is safe for our staff and audiences to reopen. 

We are delighted and humbled to announce that we are receiving an Emergency Grant from Arts Council England meaning we can survive this unsettling period in our journey. Thanks to this investment from Art Council England we are remaining closed until it is safe for our staff and audiences to reopen.


We are still continuing to work with artists and have some very exciting programme announcements coming so look out for those!

In the mean time we will keep reassessing the situation on a regular basis and look forward to being able to continue with the events which were postponed from the beginning of this year. 

Like many other small and independent spaces we find ourselves in a very difficult situation as the continuation of our work relies on audience attendance. If you’re in a position to support our not for profit objectives, you can become a CLAY MAKER or alternatively choose your donation on our membership section. 

We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy! 


CLAY Team 

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