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The ethos and values we hold at CLAY are integral to the organisation, and it's of utmost importance to us that we deliver & promote work in line with these values. Here you can find some of our various policies, as we wish to showcase our process in a transparent way, and share with our community and audiences what our values are. We believe everyone should have access to this information; if you have any access requests regarding the way this information is presented, or are after any additional information, please get in touch with

We also sometimes work with consultants to develop policies and ensure any guidelines we implement are meaningful and attainable. We have recently been working with SAIL assessing CLAY's Environmental Impact. You can read the Assessment and Action plan here

CLAY's Sustainability policy: 

CLAY's Equality & Diversity policy: 

CLAY's Data Protection & Privacy notice:

CLAY's Safeguarding policy:

CLAY's Accountability policy: 

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