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{Mystical Femmes}

        <A lecture on how to be intimate online="With a focus on exploring humans.">

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Scratch and sniff! 

Easy Read


     <Are you lonesome? We can help!-"Everyone is Welcome" 

<Join us for an="intimate" lecture on "intimacy".>

        <Where we will answer the world’s most asked >{Questions}{Such as:} 

({1}){/How to be intimate online if you’re afraid of=humans}

({2}){/How to be intimate with a=woman you’ll never meet}

({3}){/How to spell:intimacy} - 

{This Lecture is for anyone who’s ever felt 


{/We will examine well known lesbian literature such as=

Bram Strokeher’s:Leck mein Bein, es ist alles haarig}{/Lara Croft’s:</title> {Finding ways to lick my tongue}}


        <We are not ”responsible" For any thing you learn from this lecture being taken out of="{context}">


No Cats allowed


Hot Girls in Catford!

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