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Kieran West 


Light encompasses everything. There is natural and artificial light, in a way that is positive and negative to the Earth and everything around it. Indeed light allows us to experience the night in different ways, but do we know the true effect of it? Do we know how it is affecting natural habitats, how everyday it changes the way animals live? Nocturnal animals struggle because unless the land in which they live is untouched by humankind, they will not exist…

This video is captioned there is a description below 


You first see a round artificial light, pulsating around nature at night time, slowly lighting up the surroundings going from light to dark, light to dark. You then see two of the round lights lead you on this dirty path in the woods as if it is leading you on a journey. A yellow light is sitting on top of an old concrete pillar allowing you to start to see some architecture from decades ago in the woods to show the cross between nature and man. A purple light is seen in the woods which fades into the same white lights at the beginning of the film in front of an old broken vintage car which is by an old abandoned house. With a cut to black it then cuts back to a pedestrian crossing on a main road which then leads you to a zebra crossing. The camera then stutters and quickly goes from black to the poles on the zebra crossing while moving past the pole. The movie then fades to black. With an orange and purple light slowly coming onto the screen with a tree between the both of them coming from the left to right. We then get a close up. It then cuts to an orange light on a slanted brick wall. You then see the same light around the edge of the camera giving a slight glow to the darkness in front. The same white pulsating light from the beginning of the film is then seen hidden within a tree's branches. Once the pulsating goes to black it cuts to two orange lights sat on two slants of brick wall just like they coexist with each other. The same two lights are then seen in front of a brick wall covered in graffiti showing that man has slowly started to take over from nature. We then have 2 lights in a car park quickly changing colour with a far distance between the two of them. It then cuts to two lights quickly pulsating in a kid’s playground in a shelter while the camera pans up to see the full area that it is in. Slowly from across the road you then see a bus stop lit up in the distance, you then move closer from across the road and move around the side of the bus stop to see the advertisement with graffiti on the glass. You then see a red traffic light reflected from a puddle on the ground as the camera moves past the puddle as it slowly fades to black. With new electronic music kicking in with a sudden cut to a bollard the film then speeds up and spins around in three hundred and sixty degrees to show two other bollards on other sides by spinning multiple times. After a stutter effect it cuts to four bars of lights shaped as a square in a room all facing towards each other turned on. It cuts to different angles of the room two times with each time one of the side lights of the square turning off.  Cutting to black it then shows two colour changing lights on top of a goal post on either corner before then returning back to the four bars of lights in the room. This time it cuts to the bar on the right moving diagonally inwards followed by the left moving diagonally inwards as well. We then see 3 traffic lights on a major road surrounded by a roundabout. We then quickly see on a time-lapse a lorry driving past and then reversing the video with it coming back when the lights change back to red. The camera then passes some 6 stadium lights before cutting to a lamp posts light being covered by the trees and the leaves and seeing the light reflect through the leafs. The light then leads you to a bicycle sign which has been tampered with by the light on the sign clearly shows that. You then see an underpass fully lit up which moves in and out of pillars to show you a park surrounded by trees, flowers and different types of light showing nature around it. It then cuts to a floor light in the dirt perfectly lighting a tree from bottom to top in light. Two lights can be seen changing colour rapidly within a bus stop, to then an orange and white light hidden in the dirt by a main road. Only to then cut back to the two lights in the bus stop but from the outside looking in. We then get a glimpse of a butterfly that is only hanging on a fence next to four long bars of light standing next to it. We then get still shots of all four lights only to cut to black with only three lights followed by only two lights left on and then lastly only one light left on. We then see this in reverse until all lights are turned back on again.  We then see a shot of flats with traffic lights in front of them seeing the lights turn amber to red and then seeing the footage in reverse going from red to green. A quiet train station is then seen followed by a passing view of the amber and white light in the dirt by the main road re appear. You then see from black an abandoned leisure centre sports track stand all still lit up. The camera then passes the stand only to then see a car on a main road go past but then stop and go back the way it just came in reverse. You then see a close up of the four long lights from before against the fence, only to be followed by a close up of some flowers with the camera swinging to the floor then up to the bars of lights. You then see the two white lights placed in between a bus stop where the bus would sit and it slowly moves across the screen with them slowly being seen one by one. A slow move back reveals the same beginning light in a different location still surrounded by nature but as the camera moves back you learn to realise its looking out onto a fully night lit town to signify that the light has moved from nature to man showing the true beauty of the world as it then fades to black.

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