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Kiss&Cry 2:
The Bride of Kiss&Cry

Video Exerpt 

Comments from the artist

Kiss&cry and kiss&cry 2: bride of kiss&cry are both part of a series of performances exploring neurodivergence, fandom and pleasure, using tropes and elements from figure skating as a structure. Kiss and cry is the name for the place where figure skaters sit with their coaches after they’ve skated, and where they’re filmed reacting to their scores. The performance called kiss&cry I made as part of CHASM in 2020 was set in a kiss and cry area, but the kiss and cry from a neurodivergent trans queer fanfiction alternate universe version of figure skating. It consisted of three edited films which each had their separate soundtracks, and a livestreamed performance where I read fanfiction based on requests from the audience. 


Kiss&cry 2: bride of kiss&cry is similar in that both are set in the kiss&cry and are about figure skating and fandom and both use recorded video and live performance side by side, but they are not about the same thing. The 2020 kiss&cry was about being alone/lonely but creating intimacy over the internet, and about fanfiction as an act of service and inserting yourself into your fan object. I don’t know exactly what kiss&cry 2 is about yet because it takes 1-2 years for me to know what something was about, but it might be about the act of watching something from the outside and imagining yourself inside of it. So it might be a prequel more than a sequel. I think the main thing that’s different is that me and Nicol have worked together for longer now, so we make stuff together from scratch in our own special language instead of taking turns, and now Nicol is my coach instead of the coach I had before which was a suit I stuffed with pillows and put a silicone head on top of, so a pretty huge improvement.


This video is from our residency at CLAY in February. Among many other things, we made a reel of different figure skaters getting into position, dropping the pose at the end, and reacting to their scores, and experimented with projecting it onto my body as I sat in the kiss&cry and polished my skates etc. During the CHASM open studios in April, this video was part of kiss&cry area / installation, looping on a monitor before during and after the performance. The sound is Nicol’s version of a song called Blues for Klook, taken apart and put back together so its kind of collapsing in on itself but in a horny way (or at least that’s how it makes me feel).

Photo Credit: Sophie Okonkwo 

A project by Jo Hauge and Nicol Parkinson

Performance Text


Everything is about power except sport which is about fucking. Everything is about power except fucking which is about sport. Every pair’s skating programme is about fucking in some way, but not always in the a normal alien egg pregg host body way that we are doing, sometimes the fucking is heterosexual fucking.

It's very important to me that we are all the same person, not in the sense that we are flattened or feel the same way, I mean this in the horniest and most disgusting way possible in like a possession alien egg pregg host body way, we have so many limbs but also share some limbs and that’s horny, like when your girlfriend puts her cock on your belly and you pretend its your collective cock, like when you share a body through slime and wanting a lot and lifting.

So the kiss and cry is called that because it’s somewhere to go to have feelings a physical space where people go to watch you have feelings, and its sticky and nice and your coach is there who is also you and they hold a stuffed bear which has a box of tissues inside its guts or maybe the tissues are its guts but they’re there for you in case you cry or are super sweaty and your coach gives you your water and tissues and says babe its ok you did so good i’m so proud of you you’re the best i don’t care what anyone else says, and that’s where the cry in kiss&cry comes from. the kiss in kiss&cry comes from when pairs skaters are in the kiss&cry and they don’t usually kiss but they might and that’s a bit horny.

and we feel good because we are all the bear barely contained by his writhing bear body and skimpy crop top we have so many bodies and so much drool and other secretions that it was bound to happen we are suspended in it like peas in aspic for a beautiful still moment and then there are eggs which are also everyone and we’re stuffed to the brim with them waddling around huge with child and squatting and burping and getting ready and the audience are going wild just throwing bears with crop tops on the ice and flowers on the ice and we get into our starting position and push and push and release the whole clutch from our bearussy which could be any orifice we have so many orifices and so many faces for the eggs to splat onto and the lights of our body come on well done you did so well that was so horny that was the best you’ve ever done it its ok if you peed a little bit let me get you a tissue good job baby well done

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