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Holly Yu

“No Makeup” makeup tutorial

Are you looking for a daily makeup tutorial? Are you interested in asian beauty hacks? Here’s a special makeup tutorial for those of you who’ve been told to get eyelashes done, keep opinions to yourself, and of course, please your man. Holly shares her own beauty hacks that she built up from South Korea’s K-beauty world. You can get everything you(your man) wan and more from this 7 minutes of tutorial. It will guide you to a different aspect of makeup, opening a brand new would through Holly’s viewpoint. So just click and play, like and subscribe! 

This video is captioned there is a description below 


It starts with sweet, mellow sounding music, the channel name “Holly Yummy” appears as Holly is coming into view. She strikes a pose wearing leopard print cami dress. The caption “makeup tutorial” appears as she poses. 


We then see a shot of her sitting in front of the camera. She waves to the camera. Then she touches her hair as she says that she just tied it roughly. She shows her dress to the camera holding and shaking her breasts whilst she talks about her mum and the dress. Then she comes close to the camera and the caption “Let’s start with makeup!” appears as she says it. 


The shot turns to her touching her bare face. As she tells us how hot South Korea is a sun emoji pops up on the screen and cartoon flames appear around her face. She gives a disapproving look to her right and the screen flips twice (as if there are two different people). As she says “a submissive Asian girl” she puts her hand on her chest giving a look to her right where the caption “oh well” shows up. As she says she has found what she’s been on the hunt for, she sticks out the foundation she’s holding, reading out the information on its back. 

**She says YSL, the screen cuts to a black and white frame of Holly with red sunglasses on. Then the camera cuts back to the previous scene. 

She says FTP, the same cut happens as before but she is wearing purple sunglasses. It changes back. She applies the foundation on her face with her hand. She puts another layer of foundation with a makeup sponge. The website link “” comes up where she puts her hand up as she says so. 

Then she picks up her makeup powder, reading the information on its back. She says ching chong, the film goes back to black and white; she is wearing blue sunglasses and making disconcerted face. Then the camera comes back, she contours her face with a brush. As she says double chin, the caption “illegal” appears in red with laughing sound. 

She picks up more makeup and reads its name out. Then a different shot comes on where she is looking at the camera with a puzzled expression. The shot comes back in and she wears the blush on her face. 

As she explains the brow trend of South Korea, the caption “Holly’s beauty hack!” appears with a thumbs up. Then the film turns to another black and white shot with scratchy sound, she puts her head in her hands in distress. The shot comes back in and she draws her brows with the eyebrow pencil. 

She shows her eyelash extensions to the camera. She pulls her eyes to sides making a droopy face. She shows an eye-shadow palette to the camera. The caption “Omg they’re so pretty” comes up on her face. She puts the eye-shadow on her eyelid with her finger. 

Then she makes a menacing face pointing her finger towards the camera. She shows her eye-makeup to the camera and she acts pretty blinking her eyes. 

She puts her fingers on her lips, then she uses big gestures. The caption “Deep”, “Dark”, “Fancy”, “Strong”, “Red” and “Black” show in different fonts in order. 


The screen shows flower emojis coming out from her lips as she blows kisses. She puts lipstick on her lips. She sticks her lips together. 

The camera turns to a different shot where she shouts for joy in love heart-shape sunglasses. The shot comes back in. She finishes speaking and rests her chin on her fist with a smiley face. 

She holds up her arms and waves. She puts her thumbs up and a thumbs-up emoji appears and the caption “Subscribe” shows. Then it turns to the caption “Thank you for watching!”. She poses for the camera. The film shows different poses of her, and her laughing. 

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