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CLAY is known as a test bed for Artists and Creators to turn towards for their works that are still in progress of development.  The performances listed here all used the opportunity to show work that has gone on to full shows.

Freddie Hayes

lovely boys show-078_edited.jpg



Potato Head

Potato Head is a solo performance about the life of a washed up potato and cabaret star who dreams of fame. But how does a couch potato grow to become a Royal standard spud?

Influenced by elements of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, with strong undertones of kitsch cabaret and old school entertainment. Potato Head is an unadulterated celebration of silliness. The 1 hour show explores themes such as self destruction, growth, consumerism, hedonism and identity. Saturated with potato puns from start to finish; expect puppets, clowning, dancing and audience participation throughout.


Potato Head sprouted from an artist collective in London - Word in Transit. A group of artist performed a live art piece influenced by the theme of Toy story on the London underground.

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Sh!t Theatre


It is Sh!t Theatre's 10 year Anniversary. Theatre is dead. Happy Anniversary to us.


This is a Work in Progress entitled 'Work in Progress' about commitment, friendship and the '80s electro band Yazoo - who struggled with both.


It'll be very rough but won't it be nice to be (safely) in the same room for a change?


Don’t Look Over Here, Andrew Lloyd Webber



Sh!t Theatre: Don’t Look Over Here, Andrew Lloyd Webber


A work-in-progress for a brand new future-cult musical that is not called ‘Don’t Look Over Here, Andrew Lloyd Webber’ but for legal reasons is currently called ‘Don’t Look Over Here, Andrew Lloyd Webber’. Disco dictators Sh!t Theatre and their very well behaved Chorus of Intern bring you a show about women and power. Fascism, wizards, military coups and beautiful corpses. This is the story of the world’s first ever female president of a country in the history of the world ever, whose name is…go on…um...

NHSmackdown WIP 




NHSmackdown is a new piece of theatre by Lawless (Leeds Queer Wrestling, Rich Tea Drag), drawing on personal experience as an NHS worker who, also, happens to be a wrestler and performance artist... Can nurse Nigel take on the Winter Gauntlet? Who will win the Battle of the Billionaires? Will anyone ever get a pay raise?


Lawless uses wrestling as a showstopping medium to explore the politics of what it's like to be a ‘front line’ health care worker. Are we ‘soldiers’? Or ‘heroes’? Or even cannon fodder? Who lies behind the masks?


Fusing real stories from Lawless and other healthcare workers with political ‘battles’ and drawing on the rhetoric of a government that both champions and destroys its health service. NHSmackdown is a cathartic and honest exploration of the rageful and ridiculous moments in British healthcare, from the dramatic to the mundane.


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