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These events were made possible through collaboration with CLAY and other companies 

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We are back! After a long wait, we are bringing the best in international queer cinema to CLAY

We will be showing many of the films we'd planned to show in 2020, some of the best queer short films and features from around the world.

We'll also be offering a few workshops and our regular array of cheap vegan food to keep you sustained throughout the weekend.

Full Programme here 

Leeds Queer Film Festival

21/05/22 - 23/05/22

NSCD - Back to the Fuchsia II.JPG

Back to the Fuchsia II

Everything you Never Wanted

Drift through the sensory overload of Back to the Fuchsia II. An immersive performance that revives the hyperreal: a copy of a copy of a copy in which the original has been lost... or never existed to begin with. A disco fever dream, where anything can happen and nothing is real. But it is real. But it's not real, is it? That's hot. Cancelled.

This is an interactive performance, in which audiences are able to choose their level of engagement and opt-out at any time. Co-created with guest artist Imogen Reeve and NSCD Lecturer Joseph Mercier, performed by final year BA (Hons) students at Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

27/05/22 - 28/05/22

Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Sh!t Theatre




Sing-a-long-a-Muppet Christmas Carol


You’ve spent the last year applauding the NHS. Now it’s Michael Caine’s turn…!





‘Sh!t Theatre's Sing-a-long-a-Muppet Christmas Carol’ is back!

The cult Christmas show returns for a 2021 mini-tour because we just all really need it right now.

Amazing guest performers!


Witness laughter, redemption & singing food!

Come support Michael Caine as he does some 'acting'!

And, as always:





NOW with Added fun: KRAPPY-OKE After Party!

& Guest performer Freddie Hayes 


Zion Art Studio & The Grief Series as part of Transform Festival


GS .png


An extraordinary installation that collects memories and photographs from around the world, commemorating and celebrating lost loved ones.

This particular Ofrenda is being created in collaboration between artists from Zion Studio in Mexico City and Ellie Harrison from The Grief Series in Leeds, as a gift to the city at an extraordinary moment in time. In spite of the challenges of the last couple of years, and the fact that Zion’s Studio was transformed into a vaccination centre during the heat of the pandemic, artists from Zion Studio and The Grief Series have maintained a deep trans-Atlantic digital dialogue.

The results of this international collaboration will culminate in an ever-evolving, soul-bearing installation encompassing the breadth of windows of CLAY: Centre for Live Art Yorkshire. Passers-by will be able to stop by and connect with stories and memories from across the city and the globe.

A reflective and commemorative gift to the city – The Ofrenda encourages passers-by out of the hustle of the everyday and offers a moment for remembrance and contemplation.

CLAY in partnership with SLAP York



Dry Hump_edited.jpg

York we hope you hungry baby. 


CLAY, hailing from the city of Leodis, bring an exquisite feast to the De Grey Rooms in York Theatre Royal. We be rolling round in caviar, looking for a real good Hollywood Handshake (wink). Expect small plates of performance, porky party games and delicious dancing. 

Dry Hump is back for a 3rd iteration for our silliest (sexiest?) and most anarchy opulent night yet. Can you crash this sumptuous feast of delights?  With prizes to be won you won’t want to miss out. Dress to distress.


We gonn spit, smack, chomp and chew… This is YORK GODAMIT.

Mafwa Theatre Associate Artists


Flock 2.12_edited.jpg

Flock: Short Stories from Women on the Move

Mafwa Theatre Associate Artists present 'Flock: Short Stories from Women on the Move'


Flock is a collection of digital pieces created by six migrant artists based in Leeds. Collaborating with illustrators, animators and filmmakers, each Associate Artist has crafted a short digital piece which responds to the themes of movement and change. The varied programme includes contemporary dance, illustration and poetry.

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