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CLAY Makers is our subscription scheme; they will be the first to receive CLAY news and will directly support the valuable and innovative work of CLAY and the artists who deliver this work to the public.


CLAY is not a regularly funded organisation, we need to raise 70% - 90% of our running costs every year – one way that money is raised is through the support of our CLAY Maker memberships. CLAY Makers will receive some great membership benefits, including:

-         Discounts on Select drinks at the bar 

-         A ‘CLAY Makers’ tote bag, so you can carry our love and appreciation with you whenever you go!

Hot Desk Members get everything CLAY Makers get and access to hot desk space in our venue. See Here for details

When you join keep an eye out in the promotions tab of your e-mails for more details. 

* membership does not imply voting membership of the charity. It is a scheme to encourage people to access CLAY’s events and facilities


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Kind Donation?

Support CLAY with a one-off PayPal payment.

Any amount you can afford is appreciated! 

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  • CLAY Makers: Monthly

    Every month
  • CLAY Makers: Yearly

    Every year
    Support CLAY with one payment per year.
  • Hot Desks

    Every month
    Work at CLAY on weekdays
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