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CHASM Digital Artworks

As part of this second iteration of CHASM we asked the artists in residence to produce a digital work that could exist beyond the Open Studios event which took place in April. 

Jo Hauge and Nicol Parkinson bring you into the Kiss & Cry with a video filmed during their residency, paired with their performance text. Irreverently combining live sound art with performative interrogations of the Queer sexuality of figure skating.


Through a process of digital collaging, Katayoun Jalilipour furthers their exploration into the historical depictions of Saint Agatha of Sicily. Curating visual elements captured from the live event amongst research material such as drawings construct a counter narrative of transness.
*unmute video to fully experience collage


Amy Lawrence invited you to download and browse the DIGITAL/GENTLE Pack- a loose archive containing bits of surplus, consuming moments and passing ideas.
This pack was created and recommended for People of Colour as the project speaks subtly to a racialised experience. 

*Time Limited. No Longer Available for download.


SOFTwhilstBLACK:  Revisiting softness IRL + AWK

Ellie Harrison offers an alternative family tree kit that can be downloaded and completed in the comfort of your own home. The kit will allow you to map the people who have had significant impact on your life beyond the traditional and limiting biological family tree.


Photo credit: Sophie Okonkwo 

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