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CHASM residency

This is an invitation to slither into the rupture to close the gap between us and share a Future...

CHASM is a development programme of live artworks and performances searching for intimacy and connection. We are inviting you to slither into the rupture with us as a way to close the gap between and share the future together.





If you didn't make it to the event you can still help by experiencing these digital artworks....

(going live June 2023)



CHASM Residency took place in early 2023 and saw the cohort of artists reimagine 4 works which were originally made in 2020 for remote audiences, for a live space. This ended with an Open Studios to test their idea with the help of Audiences. 


Live artworks and performances searching for intimacy in a time of social isolation.


As we adjust to a new way of existing, using new technologies as a method of connecting we wonder what is possible? How can we combat the impersonal nature of a computer screen? When touch isn't an option how do we feel warmth?


In 2020 we developed a programme responding to the provocation of intimacy in the context of a global pandemic. The work premiered in October & November 2020. and consisted of Artworks from Amy Lawrence, Ellie Harrison, Jo Hauge, Mystical Femmes and Nando Messias  


The artists were invited to play with form and structure when trying to connect with audiences in their own homes. Creating exciting new ways of exploring audience care, safety and comfort remotely.

There was also a professional development programme working with Instant Dissidence to present The Dispersed Dance Company Project micro-commissions. 

Co-commissioned with East Street Arts supported by Arts Council England's Covid Emergency Grant. 

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The Programme 

{Mystical Femmes}

        <A lecture on how to be intimate online="With a focus on exploring humans.">

Mystical Femmes are two lesbian enthiusiasts. They are new here, and hope to learn more about popular human activities such a sex, personal hygiene and baking. 


They're are on a quest to rediscover forgotten queer histories and those who came before them such as lizards. In the hope of finally becoming real life lesbians.



Nando Messias

How close is too close? With unmistakable candour and sheer presence, Nando Messias’ new performance Aurora is poised between physical and digital, wavering between brutal truth and wildest invention, shimmering between you and me. 


In a new commission for CHASM/Clay, you will gain entrance to Nando’s home, a world of intimacy and courage, to witness an explosion of deep unfathomable fears and desires. Aurora reveals secrets and marvels for your eyes only. But don’t tell anyone...


Aurora is a collaboration between Nando Messias and Biño Sauitzvy

Loose Ends

Ellie Harrison

"Who looks after you and who do you look after? I’ve been thinking about family trees and who’s around when the poop hits the fan. I’m not sure that the family trees I see in the history books tell us much about care and for me, they don’t really reflect my experience. I think they might not for other people either. They don’t make visible care, abandonment, or trauma. They don’t always make visible the babies that were lost or the friends that stepped up when things get tough. 

My family tree is complicated. With adopted siblings, unplanned babies, and some things we just don’t talk about. Between me and my siblings we have Scottish, Russian, Iranian and New Zealand heritage so our family is diverse. Since the death of our single mother our care networks are complex: with absent fathers (biological and adoptive) falling off the radar, sisters become fathers, carers become the people needing care and friends becoming vital to our survival. 

I wonder if your family is a chosen family or the one you were born into?"

Loose Ends is an experience in 3 parts: An activity to do in your own time, a conversation and an option of adding to the archive

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Jo Hauge

here are some facts about figure skating JUST KIDDING THERE ARE NO FACTS IN FIGURE SKATING ONLY VERY STRONG OPINIONS: the kiss&cry is somewhere to go to have feelings, a physical space where people go to watch you have feelings and its safe and loud. there could be a stuffed toy that looks like your friend’s dog and your coach who is also your therapist (or whoever you most desperately want approval from) but you made them yourself from scratch

i love deciding that we were doing it right all along actually. i love being right or performing a very simple choreography, who doesn’t?? i love being in the kiss&cry where we have one job which is to cry or kiss or be kissed. it’s easy

if you want  to make your own kiss&cry, i’m inviting you to join me in mine, where a lot of things happen simultaneously. i’m going to write ‘self-insert’ fanfic just for you.

there will be a degree of sensory overwhelm


Amy Lawrence

"I’m interested in the joyous, soft, slowness of family love. What does it mean to be gentle to yourself and those you love? This project is about exploring acts of softness with you."

SOFTwhilstBLACK is a conversational collaboration between Amy Lawrence and a self-identifying Black household in the Yorkshire area. A household which might describe themselves as a family, whether related or not as they have a closeness and live under one roof during this global moment.


Professional Development 

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The Dispersed Dance Comapany Project 

Instant Dissidence

Find out about the full programme here

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