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A digital iteration as part of SOFTwhilstBLACK: 

Revisiting softness IRL + AWK

A project by Amy Lawrence and collaborators.

SOFTwhilstBLACK is a conversational and collaborative digital and IRL collection of conversations, glitching imagery, video, autobiographical text and scruffy word-art. A joyous, soft, slow exploration of personal and familial love; exploring acts of softness specifically within the context of the perception of bodies of Black heritage in the UK.


For the CLAY April ‘Open Studio’ Amy shared various iterations of including the ‘SOFT FORUM’; A live DEEP DRIVE and online conversation about SOFTNESS, BLACKNESS, CLUTTER and GENTLENESS between strangers alongside a Free GENTLE TEA @ the Bar, with a heavy bedtime vibe.



SOFT FORUM W/ STRANGERS revisited the dynamics of squishiness & closeness as an opportunity for dialogue around emotional softness, woolly ideas and a consideration how the intimacy of Black bodies meets both public and private in its sweaty embrace of ephemerality.


DIGITAL/GENTLE: Amy invites you to download and browse the DIGITAL/GENTLE Pack - a loose archive of bits of surplus, consuming moments and passing ideas.


This pack is created for and recommended for BIPOC audiences (Black and People of Colour) only as the project speaks to a racialized experience. 

The pack will be available until the 21st of July

We ask that you please do not share the content on social media. 

Thank you to the writers who created the content and ideas featured in the experts, credited below and on each file.


All about Love:  written by bell hooks: Harper Collins: 2001

Decolonising Non-Violent Communication written by Meenadchi: 2021

The Moongazer: African and Caribbean folktales,myths and legends: written by Wendy Shearer: Scholastic: 2021

The GEN Grief toolkit: complied by Camille Sapara  Barton and GEN, as well as the ancestors who have built the foundation: 2022


Anybody with a phone or laptop that allows image view should be able to access the images which are a combination of PDFS and Jpeg files. 

PDF should be viewable on most laptops/ phones/ ipads-  or its free to  download  Acrobat PDF viewer here

Please note that the font and text size varies in the PDFS as these are scans for original books 

If you don't have access to a laptop then you can find your nearest library here

You are also invited, where possible, as part of DIGITAL/GENTLE to listen to the ’Soft playlist for easy listening’ whilst looking through the archive . This is only publicly until the 21st of July. We understand this might not be possible for everybody to use Spotify, please see a list of some suggested tracks below.

Track List

1.   I’m not in Love: 10cc

2.   City Rain: 4d nature recordings 

3.   I’m Every Sparkly Woman: Ana Roxanne

4.   Night Journeys I: Courtesy

5.   Fountainhead: Courtney Swain

6.   Dirt: Deem Spencer

7.   First Rain: Duval Timothy

8.   Next Tomorrow: Duval Timothy

9.   Whatsapp: Duval Timothy

10. Whale: Duval Timothy

11. Ball: Duval Timothy

12. Language: Duval Timothy

13. No: Duval Timothy

14. Nijo: Duval Timothy

15. Bankside River: Earthlight

16. Falling: Julie Cruise

17. Listen and See as…: Klein Blue

18. Shit: Mica Levi

19.   Interlude 2: Mica Levi

20.   Love: Mica Levi

21.   Wellness Rain

22.   Space 1

23.   Ada: Nala Sinephro, Lyle Barton

24.   Fanfare for naran…: naran ratan

25.   Caretaker:Nico Segal

26.   Together is a beautiful …: Nubya Garcia and Nala Sinephro

27.   Wrood: Rasha Nahas

28.   He Hu: Rosie Lowe and Duval Timothy.

29. Furah Bay: Rosie Lowe and Duval Timothy.

30. Say: Rosie Lowe and Duval Timothy.

31. Living Hazard: Salamanda

32. Melting Hazard: Salamanda

33. Sharing Prosperity: Salamanda

34. Dream Puppy: The Sweet Enoughs

35. Lena’s Song: The Sweet Enoughs

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