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NSCD - Back to the Fuchsia ||

Everything you Never Wanted


Drift through the sensory overload of Back to the Fuchsia II. An immersive performance that revives the hyperreal: a copy of a copy of a copy in which the original has been lost... or never existed to begin with. A disco fever dream, where anything can happen and nothing is real. But it is real. But it's not real, is it? That's hot. Cancelled.


This is an interactive performance, in which audiences are able to choose their level of engagement and opt-out at any time. Co-created with guest artist Imogen Reeve and NSCD Lecturer Joseph Mercier, performed by final year BA (Hons) students at Northern School of Contemporary Dance.


Tickets for shows on the 27th and 28th here 

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CLAYground is a monthly chance to simply see and seriously play.

The Court of CLAY cordially invites you to experience the work of our amazing studio-holders, in honour of the Queen’s Diamante Jubilee, to show you the real royalty.


Elevating these peasants to the status of KINGS, CLAYground presents our second edition of Open Studios. This time we’re putting process on a pedestal and placing these performers in the palace.


Doors will be left unlocked for your peeking, all jewels hung out to bare and Crowns evenly distributed among the asses. Apologies, Massess.


Come and see what our place looks like when we scrub up well!


Featuring art works from studio holders including:

Hannah Lawless

Ellie Harrison & The Grief Series

Sam Lanchin

George Moody

Jessica Sweet

Marie Koehl

Freddie Willis

June 3rd from 7.30pm

Reservation link here 


NHSmackdown is a new piece of theatre by Lawless (Leeds Queer Wrestling, Rich Tea Drag), drawing on personal experience as an NHS nurse who, also, happens to be a wrestler and performance artist... Can nurse Nigel take on the Winter Gauntlet? Who will win the Battle of the Billionaires? Will anyone ever get a pay raise?

Lawless uses wrestling as a showstopping medium to explore the politics of what it's like to be a ‘front line’ health care worker. Are we ‘soldiers’? Or ‘heroes’? Or even cannon fodder? Who lies behind the masks?

Fusing real stories from Lawless and other healthcare workers with political ‘battles’ and drawing on the rhetoric of a government that both champions and destroys its health service. NHSmackdown is a cathartic and honest exploration of the rageful and ridiculous moments in British healthcare, from the dramatic to the mundane.

Created in collaboration with Sh!t Theatre, produced by artist/wrestler Heather Bandenburg (I Need to Cher, Mummy Vs) and supported by Centre for Live Art Yorkshire. 

Tickets for shows on June 10th & June 11th

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We are working to keep everyone as safe as possible as we transition back to live events. In order to do this we have some continued rules around infection control and we ask that you familiarise yourself with them before coming to an event.

Like many other small and independent spaces we have found ourselves in a very difficult situation as the continuation of our work relies on audience attendance. If you’re in a position to support our not for profit objectives, you can become a CLAY MAKER or alternatively choose your donation on our membership section. 

We’re delighted to say that we’ve been awarded a Cultural Recovery Grant in the 2nd round funded by DCMS delivered by Arts Council England. We’re grateful to be able to stay open for our studio holders and transition back into live practice & excited to still be #hereforculture

We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!